Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Environmentally friendly facial cleansers

Your facial cleanser could be damaging the environment if they claim to contain 'Microbeads'. You may think, what is she going on about? But ever since I read THIS ARTICLE I have been on the look out for products with this 'buzzword' and guess what they're everywhere. Even on my bathroom shelf :/

Long story short for those who do not want to read a full article, these 'microbeads' are made of plastic, so when you wash with them they do not dissolve, therefore they end up going down the plug hole and into our water systems. Because they are coloured, the fish are mistaking the beads for food and eating them, this is poisoning them. There is also the possibility of the poisoned fish being farmed, and then eaten by we humans, which I pretty sure wouldn't be to great for us.

Due to this I have decided that I do not wish to harm the fish, aha that rhymes, and have switched products, and I would now like to recommend my favourite so others who would like to do the same can try something that has been tested with good results.

The products I used to use.

Both of these contain polyethylene. In response to this discovery Johnson & Johnson have been looking into products that can replace ones with microbeads and I have been very happy with one of them (below) Now the Clinque facial scrub I'm afriad will always be a favourite and one that I had to look VERY HARD to find a suitable replacement for, I have and it is great, but I think if sometimes my skin is being challenging I may revert back to this until its under control because I know its fab.

My new facial regime. I am replacing the morning energy facial scrub with clear and soothe facial wash, I use this 3 weeks a month, it is very gentle on the skin and very effective. Then for the last week of the month I give my skin a good scrub just to keep it clear and wash of any dead skin, for this I am now replacing the Clinque 7 day facial scrub with the Burt's Bees Peach and Willow Bark facial scrub. It smells DIVINE!!!! It works really well and I love it. I have been using this combination for about a month and haven't had any complaints, or breakouts, from my skin so its a thumbs up! I admit the Burt's Bees scrub is pricy around £11 I think, but it is cheaper than the Clinque I used to use.

I hope this post is useful, if you have any recommendations please let me know by leaving a comment below. Also whilst I have your collective attentions I would just like to say thank you to everybody who has been reading this all over the globe, I'm really blown away, everyday when I log in and see where the audience is coming from. Its wonderful. THANK YOU!!!

The CB

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