Friday, 6 June 2014

My best buys of May 14

I shop, I shop a lot, here I have pulled together my favourite purchases from last month, that I would happily recommend to anyone.

There is also one other item, I would like to share, but it appears I have thrown the packaging away. They are allergy tablets called Loratadine, and work like magic against hay-fever that is plaguing many at this time of year. They are non-drowsy, which is an added bonus, you can pick them up at your local chemist, and I'm sure they can be found in boots too. They only cost around £3.75. The ones I take look like this.
Now from the top picture working from left to right,

This is my new face cream, I used to be a fan of the Neutrogena moisturisers but unfortunately I can no longer seem to find them anywhere :( After many tests, this Nivea moisturiser is my new favourite, it is very light, so it doesn't feel heavy against the skin, it has SPF 15 so it protects you skin as well.

The drink is the best Elderflower Cordial ever! When its hot, fruit juices are flowing, but sometimes you feel like something different, this is my recent go to drink, which I am currently sipping away at. Best served with sparkling water.

Next to it, is the Aussie Miracle Moist conditioner, it really helps to keep you hair feeling smooth and silky even after multiple washes, now that we will soon (hopefully) be dipping into the pool more often, as the weather warms up.

The little tube is a miracle worker also, it is the boots No.7 range eye balm, the days are getting longer and the nights shorter, more time is spent out and about and catching 40 winks is often the last thing on the mind. When you do manage to catching a few, apply this under the eye at night to reduce puffiness and dark circles the next morning.

A recent find here, is the the Weleda Lip Balm, it applies nicely and moisturises well, it has a Matt finish which means it is the perfect base layer before applying your favourite lipstick, my current choice is Clinique high impact lip colour No.17 Rosette, as shown below in its pretty sliver case.

Next up is the best eye make-up remover I have tested, it is SO GENTLE on the skin, it magically dissolves all products, waterproof or not. Apply to a cotton pad and just sweep across the eye, all gone :) It is also very reasonably priced, even better its from Waitrose so you can pick it up when you are doing the food shop.

Another boots product next, this time from their botanics range which I am a fan of. The toner, was recommended to me by a friend and I have to say its great, you can visibly see the effect it has, as it closes up pores and gives you skin a toned and healthy look.

Jumping to the front, are the Real Techniques duo fiber make-up brushes. I have purchased, this set. They are so soft, and pick up product wonderfully, I use them for concealer, foundation and powder, but they are very adaptable and can be used as you wish. I couldn't recommend more the difference good brushes make when applying on products.

 The little bow is just something I picked up, not entirely sure where, I think its from topshop though, it just sweet and actually hold a lot more hair than it looks possible.

Lastly are the 2 rooms sprays on the left. Many people like candles for making a room smell special, unfortunately I'm a klutz, that means fire and I don't mix very well. Room spray for me is safer. The two shown below are Summer Hill, a floral and light sent that is very appropriately named, and Nantucket which is a light fragrance, the best I way I can describe it, is FRESH. I love it.

What was you favourite buy of last month, anything you would recommend, if so please leave a comment below. Also if you like the look of anything shown above but aren't sure where to find them, leave me a comment below and I can add a link or two. Rather beauty orientated last month. Hope you enjoy. :D

The CB

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