Friday, 23 May 2014

The Robert Cray Band

At the beginning of last week, my parents and I got together and went to see the Robert Cray Band, as a little work break. After a bluesy car journey we arrived, upon entering the theatre we met with some friends, bought a t-shirt (My must have for any concert I go to) and a signed CD. Then we went to find our seats, each chair had a small leaflet on it, with a very pretty lady called Azadeh on it, advertising her debut single. Who was this Azadeh we wondered, whilst giggling, I'm sure not very originally that Azadeh rhymes with Asda.

Who was she? We soon found out.

The lights dimmed and she entered onto the stage. The support act. Azadeh had the most incredible voice, with a really impressive range! I would describe her as an alternative singer songwriter, as she had written all of her material, before each piece telling us a little about them. She had the entire audience spellbound, her talents didn't just lie in singing either she was also a one man band (HOW BRAVE!), playing both the electric and acoustic guitar as well as the piano. Not all at once, obvs ;) At the end she told us she had a promo CD in the foyer, so in the interval between scoffing ice-cream and and trying to get my camera to work, I dashed out to pick one up. Azadeh is without a doubt one of the best support acts I have seen, I can't wait to hear more from her in the future. Below I have linked (if I have figured this out right) her Twitter, website and facebook. I would really recommend checking her out! Or alternatively you can find her via my twitter,

Azadeh, website, twitter and facebook 
My twitter

By now we were all pretty hyped up and ready for the main act, so as the lights dimmed and the clapping and cheering began as the band walked onto the stage, we couldn't quite keep back our excited grins. The Robert Cray Band were BRILLIANT!!!, playing a mixture of classics and a few bits of new material. I'm not lying when I say he entire audience were tapping their feet and nodding along with the music. Four decades they have been playing together and it really shows in this slick and laid back performance. Cray's voice is fantastic as, and it really reverberates through your soul, even more so live than on CD. And as the for the instrument, well wow, I have never seen so many guitar changes between songs, and I've seen The Rolling Stones and Clapton!

Time flew during the performance, and before we knew it the band were walking off the stage. Then the clapping started how so many people got in time together so quickly is beyond me, but very soon the hall was filled with cheers and rythmic clapping, that was getting faster and faster, almost like an audince at the Olympics when the crowds start clapping for someone doing the long jump. And boy was it LOUD! The band did not disappoint and wowed us all again with a few more numbers that had people on their feet boogieing(an odd and old phrase perhaps, but the most apt) As the walked off stage for the last time, the lights came up and there was satisfied smiles all around. 

It really was a fabulous evening, made even better my the people I was sharing it with.  :) I did take some photos that I wanted to share, but it appears my little sony Cyber-shot just isn't up to the task, as they all came out rather blury as we weren't allowed to use the flash, and the zoop is pretty crummy. I shall have to invest in something else. I see shopping in my future :D


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