Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Self tanning.

Summer is upon us :D For me this is a blessing and a curse. I am PALE as an lily white, which means the sun is a god send, and after time in the sun I no longer look like I've spent my entire life indoors, and have a 'healthy complexion'. The curse is that to get a 'tan' I have to reveal said pale skin. I just can't inflict that on people, my legs are so white they are blinding in the sun.

What to do?


Over the last week I have trialled 3 different products. All of which are the lightest they sell.
Dove summer glow moisturiser with a subtle self-tanner to gradually build a beautiful tan.
L'oreal Sublime Bronze Express Pro Self-tanning Dry Mist.
Garnier Amber Solaire No streaks Bronze Self-tanning Dry Mist.

I applied Dove to my arms, but it has taken so long to build the tan that I haven't bothered with before and after shots. I does however smell nice and apply very easily just like your normal moisturiser, but I did find it slow to dry into the skin.

Now my legs before:

And my legs after:

This is after only 3 days of application (apply once each day, wait 10 mins for it to dry and then get dressed), for me, for now this is dark enough. The left leg is L'oreal and the right is the Garnier. Once you have found the colouring you like you only have to apply it twice a week to keep it topped up. Being in the shower is fine as long as you don't scrub really hard because then it will start to get patchy.

Personally I preferred the Garnier, it spelt of Apricots, which was nice, it was easier to apply which was very important, as it diffuses less when being sprayed it is easier to track where it has been applied. The L'oreal diffuses further meaning it is very hard to know which but of leg is done and which isn't, meaning your tan starts to look streaky.

Like this:

I would say though, that the Garnier tan, does take a little longer to build up. But it was only really one day behind.

Dove: 4/10 I'm not patient enough to wait for it to build.
L'Oreal 6/10 Due to streaks.
Garnier 9/10 The only tan worth 10/10 is a natural one.

If you have any recommendations please let me know. And now time to get them out into the sun :)

The CB

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