Saturday, 24 May 2014

Summer nails.

As the sun has started to shine, sandals are coming out of the wardrobe, this for me means its time to try some different nail polish colours rather than your usual choices.

 Now this is my normal choice for nails. Here I am wearing Rimmel No.15 Golden Scarlet, now I'm pretty sure they have discontinued this item, but the Rimmel Double Decker Red is very similar and AMAZING too!

My second favourite would also have to be the Mavala No.1 Ankara. This is a deeper and richer tone, and perhaps more suited for evenings. It is one of the Cream collection so it applies like a dream. The Mavala polish can be found HERE.

Now these are the 2 I picked up from Boots. They are part of the Revelon Colorstay range.
The purple is No. 240 Amethyst, and the blue is No. 170 Coastal Surf.

I applied both so I could compare over a week how well they lasted. Application wise, the Coastal Surf was smoother, I found the Amethyst a bit gloopy but that could just be my one.

SO 1 week later these are the results...

The Amethyst, chipped slightly, whilst the Coastal Surf faded slightly.

Therefore considering colour, application and wear over the week my favourite and new summer colour would be the Coastal Surf.

I know everyone has their own favourites and I'm always on the look out for something new to try, so please do leave me a comment if you have any recommendations.


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