Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I went to the ZOO! Part 2

The clue here is in the title, and I think it is going to be even more picture heavy than the previous one. SO on to the Zoo part 2......................

A shy Antelope.
Wildebeest in the background.
Brown Deer.


Malayan Tapir, we were looking for it in the distance, thinking it was going to be small, go around the corner and WAM right there by the fence is this huge beasty. Quite the surprise.
Then onto the Walk of the Apes...

This little cheeky monkey, quite literally, would copying any movement of the people in-front of it. Monkey see, Monkey, get it get it :p

Papa Gorilla.

The gorillas had the BEST EVER enclosure, it was mahusive, with really awesome swings, and ropes, and hammock areas, it looked like the ultimate play area, for kids of all ages, especially the big variety, there was even a SLIDE!!!

Feeding time, and oh boy did they descend.

The Gorillas were extremely human, and I think some of them ate with better manners than people I know.

The grey back Gorilla.

My mum's favourite, because of their super fluffy white tails.

Just hangin' around.

Pretty much exactly what I look like when I'm thinking.

 Lastly the BIG Cats :D

Siberian Tiger having a snooze in the late afternoon.


ASLAN!!!!!!!! :O

A fierce little  cat on the planet. Hissing and pacing, clearly hungry.

Chilling cheetah
The was also the most beautiful cloudy leopard, but she was to far away for a good snap. The lioness was my favourite though she was so sassy, just strolling around clearly teasing the male lion.

Overall a really lovely day, and a rare treat as I haven't been to the zoo since I was small.

The CB

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