Friday, 23 May 2014

A day out with Iz

A few weeks back I spotted a sign advertising a car boot sale, read it and then promptly, like most things, forgot about it. A recent trip to London, which I am still writing up, where long story short a brought in a large haul of makeup and bits and bobs, cued a rather large clear out of such items. Apparently I caught the tidying bug because before I knew it I had been through my room and many others even the shed and had a sizable pile of stuff. Much of this was sorted into bin liners and carted off to a local charity, but a few items I thought might catch penny or two if I was lucky. Considered EBay but couldn't be bothered, so when yet again walking past the car boot sale sign, I popped in and booked a spot. Now I wasn't going to stand in a field on my own surrounded by my own toot, so I roped in the help of my lovely friend Iz. We did pretty well, the foot fall wasn't great, but we  covered the cost of our spot and the bacon butties we bought with a little extra on the side for saving, and at least I know my old tent and swing ball have gone to a nice home.

Iz and I promptly decided that such hard work, it was BLISTERINGLY HOT, deserved a treat, namely a cream tea. So off we trotted to A National Trust Castle.

We were treated to a free air show when this Spitfire flew over and a few laps past the castle and along the river. Which got all of the shutterbugs clicking away.

Me dreaming of my own castle...

You lookin' at me duck?

A hand carved stone Norman hiding amongst the trees.

Fish feeding in the moat.

The ducks got in on the action too.

A view from up high

The lovely Iz

Traditional May flower celebrations.

Throwing a penny in the wishing well.

The Castle in all its glory :)

And the MG motor club were all out to with their beautiful motors.
After all the walking around we were pretty warm so ice cream time it was, thankfully I don't have photos of this because I'm sure our enjoyment of them was fairly indecent.

All in all a really good day. A massive thank you to Iz who took the photos for me, as I am still on a camera hunt. You did brill girl :D


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